EURO IMPLANT Ltd. is engaged in the preparation of individual implants for maxillofacial surgery. For these products there are three types of clients:

-The first type are people with cancerous formations in the maxillofacial area. Most commonly those formations are in the jaw area.

-The second type are people who have injured themselves in traffic accidents or as a result of domestic violence.

-And the third type are just people are just people looking to correct their appearance, generally without a prior health problem.

The implants are made of titanium powder on a metal 3D printer after being individually prepared through a computer tomography. The doctor prepares the project based on this tomography with a layer height of 0.6 µm, which preserves the detail of the deformation and allows for the implant to be visually and functionally equivalent to the missing or damaged part of the skull/jaw.

We also import implants used in spinal surgery.